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We all have a strong connection with food, it’s always been this way and always will be. Maybe not everyone loves to cook, but surely all love to eat. My name is Luigi and I love to cook as much as I love to eat. I live in Puglia, wich like many other regions of Italy is very rich of ancient traditions and good recipes. In my kitchen I try to use healthy and natural food, giving importance, when possible, at the seasonality and at the freshness of all the ingredients of my recipes. To prepare a good dish is an art that takes time and passion, but sometimes it is true that few minutes can be enough to put on a quick meal, palatable and tasty. I think that if every time we are going to cook something, we do it with simplicity, naturalness, and passion, then our dishes must necessarily be great both in flavor and appearance.

After so many years in the catering industrybetween rooms and kitchens of many restaurants, I decided to share my experience and I got the idea to open this blog, for to share with relatives and friends living so far from here, ideas, recipes and thoughts related to the passion for the food and the passion for cooking. Because cooking is to share important emotions and precious moment. Because good smells and good tastes can make some moments unforgettable. Because to delight good food means to appreciate life with joy, celebrating it with one of its most beautiful expression. I hope my recipes will be appreciated to all those who will come on this blog: friends, relatives, new friends, and every one just passing from here.

Good cooking to everyone!!! And above all, welcome to my blog!!!

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  1. Francesco

    Hi Luigi, great job with your blog. Today I will try the asparagus recipe but for my daughter I have to do the Cannelloni one. We are heading for the store to buy all the ingredients. Thanks for bringing excitement to our kitchen.
    Ohio, US

    1. Luigi Guerra (Post author)

      Thanks to all of you

  2. Hadia

    Luigi,I love Italian cuisine. My favorite cuisines are Lebanese, Indian and Italian. I am glad to have found your blog! Happy holidays!

    1. Luigi Guerra (Post author)

      Thanks Hadia, I like Lebanese and Indian cuisines too and I really want to try one of your great dishes! Happy Holidays !


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